NOTE:  This is the first of a two part discussion of Mark 5:21-43

What are some common fears people have?

How far would you go to bring physical healing to someone you love?

When has the Lord ever healed you or someone you knew?

Here is the story from God’s Word

Scripture:  READ Mark 5:21-34 (21-43 next week)

Retell the story

  1.  Who are the players in this story?  How does each fit into the story?
    1. Jesus, Jarius, unnamed woman, large crowd, disciples, message deliverer/servants, mourners, the daughter.
    2. Jarius needed a miracle.  Either he had faith and/or was desperate.
    3. When Jesus went with Jarius, by default, he did not go with the other people/the crowd.  How did they feel?
    4. Did they continue to believe that Jesus could heal?
    5. Jarius’ requested miracle was interrupted by another person needing a miracle.
  2. What do we learn about Jesus in this story?
  3. What is Jesus teaching His disciples?
  4. What is Jesus teaching you personally?
  5. How can you disciple people as Jesus did in this story?
    1. What does it mean to ‘disciple’?
    2. Disciple is you teaching someone who then teaches someone.  You have ‘granddisciples’.
  6. Who are you in the story – list the people in the story
  7. How does Jesus’ power over demons, disease and death relate to your problems
  8. How does Jesus’ instructions to each of the people in this story apply to your life? (woman, disciples, Jairus)
    1. (NEXT WEEK: mourners, dead girl, parents)
  9. What does the response of each of these persons say to you about your response to Jesus?
  10. Why did the woman touch Jesus’ clothing? (Faith – no one told her to do so!)
    1. When have you been afraid to ask Jesus for something?
    2. Do you know someone who is afraid to ask?
    3. Why was it necessary for Jesus to ask:  “Who touched Me?”
    4. When have you felt afraid of God?  Is that good or bad?
  11. What connection is there between a person’s faith and whether God heals of a sickness?
  12. Why do you think the woman was afraid to admit she had touched Jesus?
  13. When have you been like the woman, afraid of God?
  14. In what way is it good to be afraid of God?
  15. In what way do we need to feel that God is approachable?
  16. In what situations do you need God’s help?
  17. How do you hope God will work in the situations that cause you fear?
  18. What is one fear that you can ask God to help you face this week?
  19. With what concrete action can you show your faith in God this week?

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