NOTE:  This is the second of a two part discussion of Mark 5:21-43

What do you do when God doesn’t answer the way you requested?

Set the context by briefly sharing the story from Mark 5:21-34

  1. What do we learn about Jesus in this story?
  2. What is Jesus teaching His disciples?
  3. What is Jesus teaching you personally?
  4. How can you disciple people as Jesus did in this story?
  5. Who are you in the story – list the people in the story
    1. Jaruis may not have believed – last straw
    2. Jesus was approachable, compassionate, listened
  6.  How does Jesus’ power over demons, disease and death relate to your problems?

NOTICE:  Jesus allowed His schedule to be interrupted – Do you?

7.  What about the father?  Was he willing for Jesus’ schedule to be interrupted?

The messengers come.  They say “why bother the master anymore?”  When have you thought – what’s the use in continuing to pray? Why bother? (to clean the house, it will just get dirty again. To take the kids to the doctor, they will just get sick again. to talk to ____ about Jesus, they will just say no again.

The loudest voice of doubt is the one inside us.

8.  How does Jesus’ instructions to each of the people in this story apply to your life? (woman, disciples, Jairus, mourners, dead girl, parents)

 9.  What does the response of each of these persons say to you about your response to Jesus?

  1.  What connection is there between a person’s faith and whether God heals of a sickness?
  2.  In what way do we need to feel that God is approachable?
  3. In what situations do you need God’s help?
  4. What is so important that you would plead with Jesus to do something?
  5. How do you hope God will work in the situations that cause you fear?
  6. All things are possible for those who believe.  See Matthew 19:26  What are the limitations in this verse?
  7. What connection is there between a person’s faith and whether God heals him/her of a sickness?
  8. In what situation do you need God’s help.
  9. What aspect of your life needs to hear Jesus say “Don’t be afraid.  Just believe.”
    1. Jesus is about to do something that Jarius cannot do.
    2. Jesus has resurrection power. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
    3. Jesus sees our situation differently than we see it.
    4. How do you hope God will work in the situations that cause you to fear?
  10. If they laughed at Jesus why are you surprised when people laugh at you?
  11. NOTICE:  Jesus put the negative people out.  Who do you need to put out of your life?
  12. What concrete action can you take this week to show your faith in Jesus?
  13. Do you have a vision or a daydream? If you have a daydream, you need to spend some one on one time with God.
  14. Don’t hold onto your feelings. Believe the Bible’s promises.
    1. You must know the promises before you can believe the promises.  Read your Bible.
  15. Pray for one another as Jesus prayed for Peter in Luke 22:31-32

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