How many times have you prayed about a specific plan of action, studied and planned, then presented your plan with all your passion only to watch people look back at you glassy eyed!  Been there, done that!  Later someone will come to you and say:  “Pastor, I heard someone say ……  Have you ever thought about our church doing that?”  And ‘that’ is what you have been talking about for a long time.

It can’t be explained but there are times when people need to hear something from a new voice.

Maybe there is buy in by the church but there is a need for training and developing new skills.

Ministry Toolkits offers training such as:

  • Sunday School growth
  • Teaching a more effective lesson
  • Small Groups/Discipleship Groups
  • Assimilation/Greeters
  • Discipleship (not advanced Sunday School but true discipleship where people truly become more like Jesus)
  • Transforming a church to become involved in local ministry and missions.
  • Administrative processes
  • Pastor/Staff prayer groups
  • Transforming Wednesday night from “Bible Study” to a “House of Prayer”
  • More effective Deacon/Staff relationship

Phillip Barnett’s background includes a wide vary of both secular and church related experience.  He understands what it is like to sit on both sides of the table.  Phillip appreciates both the needs of the pastor and the expectations of church leadership.  Give him a call and allow him to lead your church leadership and staff in a time of biblical reflection on the relationship of leader and pastor.

Pam Barnett has experience as a teacher/trainer, wife of a church leader and wife of a pastor.  She understands the role of each.  Allow her to lead wives in an understanding of how they can serve along side their husbands.  She is also available to lead women’s retreats.

Ministry Toolkits offers a wide variety of training including online, phone, and face to face.  For more information, Contact Us.

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