Transition comments – Last week we discussed the question:  Do you continue to trust God even when He doesn’t heal as you requested?

There are some people who are so comfortable in jail they don’t want to be released. They have difficulty surviving on the outside.

Why do you think someone would prefer rules and regulations to freedom?

Title: Do You Want To Be Well? John 5:1-15

Here is the story from God’s Word

Scripture: READ John 5:1-15

1. What do we learn about Jesus in this story?
2. What is Jesus teaching the people?
a. The suffering people were brought to the edge of the pool and left to die at the gates of a dead religion. Does this exist in 2013?

3. What is Jesus teaching you personally?

4. What did Jesus ask this invalid man?
a. Was that an odd question to ask?
b. Why?
c. You would think the man would have said ‘yes’ but he just made excuses. Why?
d. Point: God will not heal or save people against their will no matter who much you want something for them.

5. Did the man answer Jesus’ question? Why?
• Was this man expecting a miracle?  No.

NOTE:  Miracles do not always bring the healed to mature faith.  Bodily healing came in v 14 but spiritual sickness remained.

NOTE:  physical suffering is not as bad as a spiritual life lived in fear.

6. Notice: Jesus commanded the man to do the thing that he could not do.

7. Notice: not everybody was excited the man was healed. How do you respond to someone else receiving God’s grace and mercy when you don’t receive healing.

8. What did Jesus tell the man He healed at their next encounter?
a. What do you get from the way Jesus stated His command?
9. How can you disciple people as Jesus did in this story?
10. Who are you in the story

11. Have you ever felt that life wasn’t fair?
• I’m in this situation because someone else said/did ______.
• It’s somebody else’s fault.

12. When has someone tried to squelch your freedom in Christ with religious rules or regulations?

13. Why do some people care more about keeping certain ‘religious’ rules than they do about developing a meaningful relationship with Jesus?

14. What rules tend to interfere with your enjoyment of your relationship with Christ?

15. What ‘religious’ rule that hinders your relationship with Christ will you make secondary to that relationship this week?

But the healing of these infirmities was one of the prophesied ministries of the Messiah (Isa. 35:3-6). Had the religious leaders known their own Scriptures, they would have recognized their Redeemer; but they were spiritually blind.

Jesus did not heal all of them; He singled out one man and healed him. The fact that Jesus came to the man, spoke to him, healed him, and then met him later in the temple is proof of His wonderful grace and mercy.

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